Fukuoka With The Style

Fukuoka With The Style

Based on a “Californian residence style” concept, this facility includes palm trees stretching towards the blue sky and a water garden situated in the building’s central atrium, with all rooms equipped with a terrace for enjoying dining on clear days.
The building makes luxuriant use of the materials of nature light, water, wind, and greenery to create a spacious, liberating feeling.

Il Giardino di Legno supplied outdoor furniture from the Berbeda range for outdoor areas of this project. Lounge chairs in stainless steel with Batyline fabrics equipped with side table with teak wood tops. Striped cushions for the rooms and Teak and fiber lounge chairs for the common spaces.

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The project is from the Japanese architect Ryu Kosaka, currently the creative director of A.N.D. (Aoyama Nomura Design) within Nomura’s commercial space department. He has worked on several high-profile restaurants and hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Main Dining Room, With the Style Fukuoka, and the environmental design for the Shin-Marunouchi Building.

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