GDL at Agnano thermal spa complex

GDL at Agnano thermal spa complex

Il Giardino di Legno supplied Classica benches to Agnano thermal complex.
Just a few minutes from the centre of Naples, in the verdant Agnano valley, stands one of Europe’s most ancient and prestigious thermal spa complexes.

Archaeological remains discovered beside the Agnano springs, both Greek and Roman in origin, demonstrate that in antiquity the spa was already a centre of intense thermal activity, which reached its peak in the first century AD with the construction of thermal baths at the behest of the Emperor Trajan.
The current structure has its roots in the first Società Terme di Agnano, who entrusted the design of a huge thermal spa centre to a young architect from Piacenza, Giulio Ulisse Arata.

Terme di Agnano

This ambitious project, started in 1909, was completed midway through the 1920s.

Central to the Terme di Agnano spa are its saunas, with their naturally dry heat, that are known as the Stufe di San Germano in honour of the bishop who visited from Capua in the 17th century, in search of a cure for his troublesome arthritis.
These dry heat saunas are a unique phenomenon in Europe. They consist of tufa grottoes fed from volcanic fumaroles, whose temperatures vary from 40 to 70 C.
The climatic conditions created within these saunas are determined by high concentrations of mineral salts and hydrogen sulphide, with only a limited amount of water vapour.