Infinity is a collection designed by Federica Ferrara for Il Giardino di Legno. The dining table is characterised by its absolute elegance and linear shapes. It has been created with top quality materials, such as stainless steel and teak wood. The teak wood planks composing the table top are elegantly suspended on the satin stainless steel legs, with the diagonally cut welding that has become the signature style of all stainless steel furniture by Il Giardino di Legno. The chair in our Infinity collection is made of a thick structure of stainless steel rod and woven Canax, the special wire of mixed materials combined with hemp fibre, which gives a matte finish and an all-natural look. It's a new material for an equally innovative line of seats, for both outdoors and indoors: it is a polyester yarn coated with a special plastic polymer extruded with vegetable fibers, suitably created to be used outdoor and woven on the stainless steel structure.
material and finishing
Infinity collection is made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. The chairs are intertwined with a particular fiber, consisting of a polyester yarn coated with a blend of PVC and natural fibers powder that give a rough and not polished very natural effect. The table is characterized by teak slats that run along the length giving a light and elegant effect.

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