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Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and sells outdoor gazebos made of teak wood. Awnings have always been used to characterize gardens and highlight areas of public and private parks. Originally used as lookouts, gazebos are made of wood or metal and offer a point away from the sun in parks and gardens.

The gazebos are ideal to create an outdoor area that becomes a real expansion outside the house. A gazebo in where place a dining table, or combine the need for a hobby in the garden, can be a viable alternative to a simple umbrella to delimit a sheltered area from the sun to eat, work or rest in the shade.

Our gazebos are also very popular on the beach or pool area. Intersperse the sun loungers with gazebos by way of differentiating the offer and secure a place on the beach to those who are looking for more secluded spaces away from the sun as families with small children or elderly. In addition, the gazebos are also implemented in public parks and gardens or used by the community such as in the gardens of senior or sports centers or even in theme parks where the gazebos become useful picnic areas.

Our wooden gazebos can be equipped not only with the canvas covering, but also with curtains, wooden tiles flooring and plant pot holders to be customized according to the needs.