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Outdoor dining extendible tables

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of extendable outdoor tables.
Extendible tables are widely used as dining tables to furnish gardens, patios and green spaces. All our extendable tables have the extension contained within the table itself, this allows not having to store the extension and makes the lengthening operations of the tables faster since they can be made with a few simple steps.
Extendable tables are available with wooden structure or stainless steel, and can be chosen in different shapes and sizes. Small size extendable tables may have a square or round shape when closed, and when they are stretched, they become respectively rectangular or oval. Large extensible tables are oval or rectangular both when the extension is closed or opened, but their dimensions increase significantly, ensuring the possibility to accommodate more diners. We have then very large size extendable tables, such as the Olimpo tables, which are available in two versions: oval or rectangular.