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Outdoor fixed dining tables

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of outdoor fixed dining tables that are not folding tables.
Dining tables that are neither folding nor gateleg nor extendible, are defined as fixed tables. This does not mean that they cannot, in the case of some models, be knocked down. Some of the fixed tables for outdoor, presented in this section in fact, can be disassembled if necessary, with the aid of screwdriver or Allen wrenches.
The tables presented in this section are made in different materials, all carefully selected for their resistance to outside different weather conditions. Some fixed tables presented here are made of solid teak wood, the best wood for outdoor use. Teak wood stands up well outside thanks to its natural composition. Its fibers are rich in oil, teak oil. When the wood of your table remains exposed to air and to the elements the teak oil contained in it escapes from the fibers more internal towards the surface and, in contact with the air and with the atmospheric agents oxidizes and creates the gray silver patina typical of teak. And it is this patina that protects the wood, making it resistant to mold and insects, and making sure that the wood will lasts a long time.
Other tables of the line Il Giardino di Legno are made with a structure, made of wood or aluminum depending on the model, which is woven with a synthetic fiber specifically created for outdoor use. It is a synthetic rattan, made with the technique of extrusion, which is woven by hand on the structure. Those tables require no maintenance other than a few simple cleaning if necessary.
There are also many other fixed tables, not extensible or folding, realized in metal. Stainless steel brushed finish or powder-coated aluminum for outdoor use, creating a solid structure for the tables on which a glass or teak wood is fixed, depending on the model and your needs.