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Outdoor square dining tables

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of outdoor square dining tables
Most used outdoor square tables for commercial establishments are generally fixed or single legs. But outdoor square tables are also very appreciated for the garden, especially the square extensible tables as the Pericle table, which becomes rectangular when the extension contained in it is opened, or the extendable Medea table, which has a 90 to 90 centimeters size suitable for four people, but it can be stretched up to 140 cm with a simple and linear design. Design outdoor square tables are also appreciated like Lunar design table, a stainless steel square table with a teak top or the Elegance wooden squared table. They both measure five feet to the side, and are ideal for eight people.
For anyone who is looking for outdoor square-shaped tables different from the usual ones, there are the original square tables like Kross square table from the Special collection or White Sand square dining table.