Teak Oil


This product is made of plant extracts particularly indicated to protect or to keep uncahnged the natural aspect of wood over time.
Wood is a “living” material which, depending on where it is placed, can require a particular maintenance.

The Teak wood will result perfectly protected and brightened up the colour applying oil and wax. The oil for teakwood can be used on raw wood as single and complete protective agent or on already treated wood, provided that it has been cleaned before, as maintenance product.

You can purchase our Teak Oil in 2 bottles or kit:

Teak Oil


Oil Kit


Comes in a hand-woven natural rattan and seagrass box made containing:
– Teak Oil(0,8 liter)
– Sanding Paper sample
– Cleaning sponge
– Gloves
– Brush

Everything needed for the application of the Teak Oil is inside the box. And thanks to the nice hand-made box, this kit is also ideal as a gift!



We recommend to cover the working area with a disposable piece of plastic. Use gloves and eye protection during the application.
For dirt and oiled Teak remove the oil and/or dirt from the wood by hand sanding with fine sandpaper. After sanding, use a dry, rough sponge to remove any remaining sawdust. Surfaces must be completely dry and clean.
Before using Teak Oil on new Teak wood, put the furniture outside for one week.


We would advise you to first try Teak Oil on a small area, such as the back of a leg, to judge if the treatment meets your expectations. Do not water down the product.

Softly hand-sand your Teak with fine sandpaper. After sanding, use a dry, rough sponge to remove any remaining sawdust.

Use a brush to apply a thin layer of Teak Oil.

Let it dry and clean the surface with a dust-free cloth.
You may repeat the treatment, depending on your colour preference.

We recommend to treat teak with Teak Oil at least once per year. Table tops should be treated more often, depending on the frequency of use. You may subsequently treat the teakwood with wax.