Cipriani Ibiza

Cipriani Ibiza

Set over two floors in the east wing of the Ibiza Gran Hotel, with stunning views of the harbour, Downtown Ibiza brings to the island simple luxury, relaxed sophistication and timeless elegance.

The design of the restaurant, by Michele Bonan, lounge and grill is deeply rooted in tradition but at the same time immersed in modern sensibility.

While the main floor features an indoor and outdoor restaurant with Cipriani classic cuisine, the terrace offers a grill concept with many grilled specialties.

Il Giardino di Legno produced custom size modular Maui sofa and Fiji lounge chair and sofa for this project. And all the True Blue stunning cushions for the outdoor areas.

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Michele Bonan, the internationally acclaimed architect and interior designer who lives and works in Florence, has proven his exceptional skill of reviving historical buildings in various projects. Michele Bonan is renowned for creating the exquisite interiors of JK Place Firenze and the JK Place Capri. He has also initiated numerous other projects which can be found all over the world in cities such as New York City, Miami, London, Florence and Capri. On account of his extraordinary sense of style and his attention to details, he is referred by the experts as the “Architetto eclettico.” Every time, Michele Bonan identifies himself with the particular project, its situation and the personality of his client: When I take on a project, I adjust myself completely to the task and begin to reflect intently. Like a movie where I have the leading role, the production takes place in accordance to attire, identity, wishes and ideas which are related to poetry and aesthetic/cultural sensitivity. Michele Bonan is a “perfectionist of harmony.” He claims that a project can be easily realised by various shining examples. He is enticed by creating something special and breathing new life into the construction project. This is why all his projects carry his trademark – naturalness and elegance spiced by extraordinary ease. Michele Bonan does not only design hotels and resorts but also private villas, luxury stores, yachts, sailing boats, furniture, lamps and carpets. His hotels and resorts specially seek international attention and have been honoured with many awards.

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