La Suite Hotel & Spa

La Suite Hotel & Spa

La Suite Resort is located on the wonderful Procida island, situated near Naples. The property is a brand new building, just a few meters away from the seashore. The interior and exterior design was made from Italian architect Camilla Lapucci, of Cipiuelle studio.

The Spa, the restaurant and the exteriors has been furnished by Il Giardino di Legno. Many of the items used in the resort was tailor-made for the project, like the sofas and daybeds used in the Spa, which are made in upholstery with a solid teak wood structure and backrest.

The Adirondak used in the exteriors of the first floor villa’s was customized as well, based on the client’s needs. For the first floor villa’s terrace was used the Ocean deck chair, a historical items in the production of GDL Italia.

In the entrance a Vittoria bench in white paint finishing find its place beside rotational-moulded over size vases. The design of these two items is quite different, and the materials are even less homogenous, but by using a white paint finishing on the wooden bench, the architect made this’s differences more subtle, and the two items greatly integrated one with each other.

For the outdoor restaurant was chosen sling folding chair in teak with white color seat and backrest sling, and folding square tables treated with protective finishing.

The swimming pool area was furnished with dark walnut colored teak sun loungers. The symmetry of this sunloungers emphasize and get enmphasized from the symmetry of the whole swimming pool area.

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