Revolving tray [ACCS5825-ACCS5826]20160201144945

Revolving tray [ACCS5825-ACCS5826]

Marble revolving tray, with aluminium hardware. It is also suitable as a centerpiece combined with all the tables either for outdoor or indoor use....
Autumn – If wears “ALE tailored clothing”20150329151957

Autumn – If wears “ALE tailored clothing”

Perfume of java brown leather and cognac: these are the elegant choices of the private tailor and fashion consultant Alessandro Albanese for the autum...
Summer – If wears “Brandina”20150329151552

Summer – If wears “Brandina”

Brandina fabric in Faraglione color designed by Marco Morosini gives a sunny taste to the summer interpretation with solid Teak structure....
Spring – If wears “Concettocremisi”20150329151217

Spring – If wears “Concettocremisi”

Macramé and trimming details embellish the spring version in natural oak, created by the eclectic Milanese studio Concettocremisi....
Winter – If wears “l’Opificio”20150329150831

Winter – If wears “l’Opificio”

Soft and enveloping as if knitted, the winter declination in black stained oak is made with the fabric Treccia. A couture detail is the belt, the prot...
Danish wooden armchair20150205075848

Danish wooden armchair

Danish wooden armchair with teak wood structure and woven seat. Custom made....
Outdoor broom cupboard20150201060808

Outdoor broom cupboard

Outdoor broom cupboard made in teak wood according to the customer’s design. Customized doors and shelves....
Round Suar top20130705055012

Round Suar top

Round Suar top obtained from a ‘slice’ of solid wood. Available in different sizes, thicknesses and finishings....
Chair made of wood and synthetic fiber20130701075333

Chair made of wood and synthetic fiber

Chair made of wood and synthetic fiber, with wooden armrests and woven seat. Rounded back. Custom made....
Wooden bench [ZZ-BNC09-13]20130105060702

Wooden bench [ZZ-BNC09-13]

Wooden bench with a decoration on the back. Made to be used as an outdoor bench in shopping centers and outlets....
Spaghetti Chair20130103084026

Spaghetti Chair

Taking its inspiration from Bellotti’s Spaghetti chair, the POP outdoor chair is contructed from a round pipe and weaved with PVC round core....
Dinosaurs bench for children [BNC09-12]20120629171827

Dinosaurs bench for children [BNC09-12]

Bench for children with painted dinosaurs and flowers on the back. Very cheerful and lively. Made of solid teak wood....