Brand history


“Il Giardino di Legno” has been active as a brand in the Italian market since 2003 offering to his customers high quality teak garden furniture.

In 2007 the brand was bought by Società Italiana Legnami Arredamenti Torino SILAT Srl and since then it has begun a process of internationalization and improvement of the range of products introducing different collections in composite materials.

Thanks to the cooperation with different companies and to the continuous presence in international events, today, the brand is distributed in over 40 Countries throughout the world from the USA to Japan, becoming a leading player in outdoor furniture market.

Many projects followed by primary architectural and design firms all over the five continents, testify the result achieved discovering new ways to create habitable outdoor spaces and to enjoy life in the open air.

In the 2012 the need to be different from the competitors and to face the market with innovative products and a new company image brought Il Giardino di Legno to make a massive investment in the new production area in Italy, especially intended to give more flexibility for the European market. At the same time, new design products were developed and registered as community design. The new company image will be supported by the coordination of the new Catalogues, Web site, Event displays and advertising campaigns.

The Philosophy


Imagine being able to decorate the exterior of your home as you would the interior; transforming your garden into a warm, intimate space that is perfectly suited to your needs, using different types of furniture, plus a wide range of materials, colours and coordinated accessories.

The collections by Il Giardino di Legno will inspire you to create an open space that reflects the values of elegance, quality, design and tradition, which you can furnish with pleasure and enjoy to the full.

A garden is a place to relax, a place of pleasure and purification, of freedom and peace, of fun and friendship; an area that should be elegant and functional, independent and original and, above all, designed with quality and personal taste in mind.

Il Giardino di Legno comes from wood, or better form the best wood for outdoor furnishings offered by nature: teak is the raw material which has always been used for all those manuctures thought for the outdoor.

Our company is based on the features of this material. It is marked out by the elephant, symbol of strength, resistance and longevity, as well as teak has good durability and resistance.
Elephants get wet and love water just as teak does not fear it.
Elephants use water to free themselves from bugs and parasites: teak is indifferent ot moulds and bugs.
And elephants, since the rise of the first southern-eastern Asiatic civilisations (where teak grows) have always represented the heart of the social and working life besides still being a considerable help to transport teak trunks from the forests where they are selected, impenetrable to the modern mechanical means. Our company, since its establishment, has been endowed with a constant quality, a natural bent to aesthetic and functional innovation and an excellence of the manufacture.

As the great architecht and modern design icon Charlotte Perriand said,

“Objects are never neutral, they always interact with humans and we keep this in mind at all times”.

Il Giardino di Legno has always paid a great attention to the environment, thanks to the certifications of the raw material used and checks on the teak manufacturing and treatments, only made with 100% natural origin products.
Last but not least, the technical advice offered to our customers and designers. Our technical staff is actually constantly devoted to solve the technical and quality problems and to develop new products.
The extreme dynamism of the garden furnishing is the focus of our Company thanks to the increasing interest in the customer’s satisfaction.

The garden is naturally subject to considerable temperature and humidity variations, requiring then elements and furnishing from the ancient handcraft culture together with an advanced designing process that make our products stand the test of time.
Glass and metal, openly modern materials, joined to the classical furnishing make the outdoor spaces harmonic and modern.
A new way to create real “livable outdoors” and enjoy the suggestions of open air in the “Giardino di Legno”!

All our products are conceived following the needs of the final users, not only in terms of ergonomics and quality but also of visual and tactile feeling.