Carefully designed accessories, refined finishes, bright colours and classic touches distinguish the collection, with its simple, yet graceful lines. A series of furniture items that demonstrate how design and elegance can be perfectly combined with comfort and functionality.



Stainless Steel

Stainless steel, the structural and aesthetic hub of the Berbeda range, is a perfect material for garden furniture, thanks to its quality and resistance. The Giardino di Legno has softened its contours and increased comfort by teaming it with the finest, gently rounded Teak, with Batyline, carefully woven and knitted PVC coated polyester wire and skilfully braided synthetic fibres. Only the best quality materials are used. Stainless steel is a ferrous alloy, highly resistant to corrosive conditions, thanks to the addition of chrome and nickel. 
It has the right mechanical and chemical properties to be used for outdoor furniture: extremely strong and durable, easy to clean and a very contemporary look. The standard collections are supplied in satin finishing.

Powder coated aluminium

Aluminium is a light but strong alloy largely used in furniture production. Il Giardino di Legno uses aluminium as inner structure of its woven furniture as well as exposed structure for new designed collection. Powder coated furniture is pre-treated by coating the aluminum with chromium prior to powder coating. This ensures maximum corrosion resistance and coating adhesion. Exposed aluminium furniture is available in white semi-glossy and Anthracite sand texture. Other colours and textures available on request.

Powder coated steel

Steel is always treated with a chemical bath and powder coating process to be suitable for outdoor use. Available in black and grey as standard, it can be requested in different colours.


Concerning metal furniture maintenance, we suggest a regular cleaning with a non-corrosive product and a soft tissue to avoid scratches on the surface. To repair small scratches on painted surface we can supply the repair kit. GO TO MAINTENANCE SECTION →

Other materials used in the metal collection


Batyline® is a unique fabric made of woven polyester fibre protected by a PVC coating that combines the elegance of natural fibers, with the performance of industrial textiles, to meet all the requirements of garden furniture. In particular it is suitable for outdoor furniture thanks to the permanent, resistant to stretching, and immune to cracking fibers which does not deform or fade with UV rays. It also offers exceptional resistance to dirt and little maintenance together with excellent resistance to mold and mildew. Produced by the French company Ferrari, Batyline fabrics are eco-designed and certified Oeko-Tex to guarantee the absence of undesirable substances.


Il Giardino di Legno uses synthetic fibers made out of fully dyed HDPE for chairs and accessories. 
Unlike natural rattan and ordinary plastic cords, these fibers, based on polythelene, have unique attributes of UV and weather resistance, are 100% recyclable, strong and durables in all temperatures, maintenance free, pest and fungus free.


Teak (Tectona Grandis) is the premium choice wood species for outdoor furniture. It grows in southern Asia, from India to Indonesia, till Vietnam.
Thanks to its high natural oil content and close-grained structure, Teak is highly weather-resistant and can be left outside, both during hot summers and cold winters. New Teak furniture has a warm honey brown color, after some time it will get a silver grey patina. 
Check in the Maintenance section for treatments available to regain its original color, and to clean any kind of dirt or spots. We only use selected Teak from carefully controlled plantations.