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Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of outdoor coffee tables and garden accessories.
In this section you will find all the outdoor accessories to give the last touch to your garden or balcony. A wide choice of accessories to complement the beauty and comfort of your garden furniture, such as footrests, particularly suited for turning a chair into a comfortable deck chair to read in the garden or sunbathing, or trays and carts to surprise your guests with a drink in the living room, having at hand all you need to serve you.
There are also articles for the outside that are not only accessories, but actual furnishings that make the organization of your outdoor space more simple and functional as sideboard units or other containers, to store your garden tools orderly and elegantly.
We provide then a wide range of furnishing accessories suitable to the pool to enjoy the outside in full freedom, such as the elegant wooden towel rack or outdoor showers.
Other accessories are purely decorative, and are a complement to beautify your green space or the external entrance of your home such as rugs, decorative umbrellas and plant pot in many different shapes and sizes as well as in a wide selection of colors and materials.
Among the accessories we have the outdoor kennels to ensure a comfortable relaxing even to your dog, and gazebos, to push the boundaries of your home and create open areas to be organized as a summer sitting rooms or outdoor dining areas.