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Outdoor backless benches

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of outdoor backless benches.
Benches without backs are particularly used as benches as waiting seats, in saunas or clubs changing rooms, in this case it is almost always wooden benches that combine well with the linings of saunas and Turkish baths.
The benches without backrest and armrests are also widely used as seats on the edge of tennis courts, gyms and swimming pools.
Another use of this type of benches is in conjunction with dining tables where the benches without backs are usually positioned on the long side of the table, while chairs, stools or armchairs are placed at the head of the table.
The backless benches for outdoor use can be made of solid wood, such as those offered in the Teak Collection, or metal. In case of metal backless benches, the seat can be upholstered in woven synthetic fiber or they may have a wooden seat. The metal benches can also be made of aluminum and synthetic fibers on leg and seating. In this way the entire bench will have the same color, both for sitting and for the legs, which are intertwined in the same synthetic material.
Optionally, you can accessorize the backless benches with flying pillows or with a mat to make the sitting more comfortable.