Fabric cushions washing

All the cushions by Il Giardino di Legno have a removable cover and the filling has a protective layer to avoid dirt to infiltrate when the cushion is unlined for the washing.

Instructions for a correct washing of the cushions

The washing of the outdoor cushions by Il Giardino di Legno is easy ansd fast. We advice you to follow these instructions.


Always carefully extract the filling using the proper zip before washing. At the end of the washing reinsert the filling with care.

We advice you to pay particular attention when extracting the filling from the cushion and fold the filling on itself to make it easier.


Wash coloured covers according to the colour.

The cushions covers should be washed separately. It will avoid the contaminating agents to come into contact with everyday clothes. For better results, wash these clothes inside out.

Before staring the washing, close the zips and close or cover the Velcro® belts to avoid foreign bodies to deposit and damage the fabrics. Do not overcharge the washing machine.

Wash temperature: 30 ºC – Wash program: Delicate


Use color-safe soap. Do not use chlorine nor conditioner.

Rinse cycle

All soap residues must be removed during the rinse cycle. Delicate rinse cycles are usually enough.


Do not bleach. It would only damage the fabrics with no bleaching effect.


Natural drying is recommended. Turn the cover inside out.


The product does not bear simple ironing. In case, for DE, Royal and Sunbrella fabrics (but never on Standard fabrics) iron at a max temperature of 110° interposing a wet cloth.