Maintenance Kit


Inside the maintenance kit you’ll find everything necessary to maintain your teakwood furniture.

Inside the box you’ll find Teak Oil This product is made of plant extracts particularly indicated to protect or to keep unchanged the natural aspect of wood over time. The Teak wood will result perfectly protected and the natural colour brightened up. The oil for teakwood can be used on raw wood as a single and complete protective agent or on already treated wood, provided that it has been cleaned before, as a maintenance product.

The kit also includes the Furniture Wax to protect the surface of the wood. The furniture wax provides a further protective layer, almost invisible, avoiding the food, oil and liquid stains to seep through the wood surface and repels moisture.

It consists of a colourless wax paste, made of a mix of selected natural elements among which beeswax, carnauba wax and turpentine gum. It gives a particular velvet finishing and a better protection.
Regularly applied it protects from stains, dust and scratches, soft at touch, hydrorepellant and makes the natural wood grains highlighted.

Within the kit you’ll also find all the necessary products to correctly prepare and clean the surface and to apply the maintenance products in the best way.

Maintenance Kit


What is inside the box:

– Sanding paper sample
– Special sponge
– Gloves for the application of Teak Oil
– Oil Brush
– Teak Oil (0,8 liter)
– Wax cloth
– Gloves for the application of wax
– Furniture Wax (400gr)

Everything is wrapped in a hand-made box.