Hotel La Pérouse Nizza20230630073505
The Lodge Club20230621110704
Holiday Inn Singapore20230621110518
Santo Maris Oia Suites & Villas20230621110229
Falkesteiner Jesolo20230621105821
Lango Design Hotel & Spa20230616070229
Ultimate Provence – Humbert & Poyet20230519073917
Cala di Volpe20220321115509
Armani Caffè – Cannes20220303110651
Hotel Pamphili Roma20220303110647
Jardin Tropezina20220303110643
Sense of Ofir Resort20220303110640
California Park Hotel20190520133110
Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay20180630114915
Saint-Vincent R & C20180614104035
Guanahani Beach Club20180601152015
GDL furnished Spumiglia coffee house20180530143304
GDL furnished Pizzamore restaurant20180530142929
Le Capase20180530141617
Cleopatra Luxury Resort20180530140133
La Suite Hotel & Spa20180530133712
Hotel Mare e Pineta20180530133049
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The latest projects with Il Giardino di Legno products: hotels, restaurants, but also dehors and private gardens, public parks, cellars and boats.