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Outdoor lounge furniture & deep seatings

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and distributes a wide range of exclusive outdoor furniture. The outdoor lounge and living are more and more exceeding the boundaries of the indoor to invade the outdoor spaces and offer meeting points, chill out and chatting zones, reading or leisure corners, providing genuine open air lounges.
The new materials used to manufacture outdoor furniture elements are aimed to an ever less maintenance; the trend is to try to eliminate the necessity to shelter furniture if it rains and therefore the opportunity to leave the furniture in the outdoor all year long has opened to new possibilities. The new trend is to furnish the outdoor spaces as well as the indoor ones. The boundary between the interior and the exterior, where the lounge was only for the indoor, is then eliminated.
The pieces of furniture to create outdoor lounges are various. The classical living consists of the sofa and armchairs with one or more coffee tables.
For a better versatility, the modular systems give the opportunity to create a customized outdoor living, combining the different elements in ever new compositions in a pinch. Moreover, some outdoor livings include seats matched to cocktail tables to create very classy and elegant chatting areas, where all the places to sit are made of single armchairs, with or without cushions, according to the type.
Some elements of the living collection are really wide, suitable for hotels and other tourist accommodations or private residences with plenty of outdoor space; other elements are instead ideal for more intimate and snugger outdoor living spaces, like the sofas and the armchairs of the Argali collection, to create a romantic lounge for a hot summer evening with friends.