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Outdoor chaise & loungers

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of outdoor chaise & loungers and garden sunbeds.
Sun loungers are a must in the outdoor furniture panorama for the swimming pools and beaches. From the more classic in wood to modern stainless steel is one of the most used summer furniture. For flawless tan or a nap in the shade on a summer afternoon, are appreciated for their ability to adjust the backrest position in order to find the most comfortable position. Some sunbeds, like the Sunseeker are designed precisely to best perform their function of sun lounger, in this case with a double back that allows it to be facing the sun without the need to rotate the bed. Moreover, sun beds can be provided with wheels to be able to be moved more easily. Some models have a tray located below the seat of the couch, which acts as a bearing surface which is very convenient and can be used from both sides. There are also double sun loungers that can be used in pairs. In this case each back is individually adjustable so that each occupant of the double bed can raise or lower the seat back on his side of the bed independently. A feature of some garden beds is to be able to fold up the seat to raise the legs rest, a position that improves circulation and is found very convenient to read in the supine position. As a final note, some models of loungers feature armrests.
All Il Giardino di Legno Sun Lounger can be fitted with mat. This accessory is available in different sizes and thicknesses depending on the chosen model. Some beds, such as those made of synthetic fiber or those with fabric seat, are often selected precisely because are comfortable even when used without mattress. The sitting of these beds, in fact, is not made of rigid material, but rather in material that assumes a rounded and soft shape, which makes them comfortable even without cushion.