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Outdoor dining tables

Il Giardino di Legno manufactures and markets a wide range of outdoor dining tables.
Wooden tables have always been the favorite dining tables for patio and gardens. More recently given shape, then selecting only the square tables, suitable for two or four people but also available were introduced new designs in synthetic fiber and metal. In this section you can find the entire Il Giardino di Legno range of dining tables, you can select the material you're looking for your table so you can see all the options of tables in that material, or you can look at the tables of a certain shape, for example, squared tables, for two/four people or in the larger versions, magnificent in a number of up to eight diners; rectangular tables that offer a multitude of measures depending on whether you're looking for, narrower or wider, as well as many lengths that determine the number of people who can use the table.
Still with regard to the shape, you can only see the tables with rounded sides, so the tables are round or oval sizes varying from 90 cm up to 2 meter 20. If you need space or special handling requirements can watch the folding tables that can be folded back on themselves into two parts to be completely stowed.
While if you are never sure about the number of guest will attend your barbeque, we recommend you opt for an extendable table that can be extended if necessary. Finally, we point out the possibility to view all the tables with central leg for balcony or dehors.