Made 2012

MADE expo, the exhibition dedicated to the entire world of building and of design, international point of reference for the construction sector in program from 17 to 20 October in Rho Pero.

This year the theme of environmental sustainability with a particular interpretation inspired by design: from green building to energy efficiency, here is the new real design challenge for architects and designers who want to build and renovate in an environmentally friendly way without sacrificing the design concept. The objective is to present, to an transverse audience, a debate on issues that look at the mode of construction and contemporary living, environmental protection and sustainability.

The architecture and sustainable building today represent a significant segment of the market, the result of a widespread and gained environmental awareness and the need to spare on energy costs. The new renovations and new buildings are all designed to reduce the cost of management and construction without compromising the aesthetic and functional result. The exhibition Green Home Design aims to be the voice of this great emerging market in order to allow exhibiting companies to intercept a growing consensus of architects and designers into a very topical issue with great opportunity for business growth.

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Made Expo & Green Home Design


COLTIVATE A HOUSE. Architectures of natural materials


The reflection on the method of construction of materials with a low carbon footprint has been the guiding experimental research on construction techniques conducted by Cibicworkshop in recent years. For Green Home Design the Cibicworkshop has designed an installation in scale which consists of two houses built with two innovative solutions: the technology of hemp and a dry system with metal frame.

The house in hemp is a way of building contemporary with natural materials. Although today has almost disappeared in Italy, hemp was an essential element of the Italian agricultural production history. Building today with this material means build new economies of the region with the latest environmental and energy performance requirements.

The house will be built with the dry system with metal frame, however, is an innovative technical that combines high performance building and energy with a radical reduction of construction time. This structural system enables the use of traditional materials in new ways resulting in a completely recyclable, anti-seismic and solid construction time very low and controllable.



“Space for Life” by Marco Piva –Marco Piva Studio wants to redefine a new balance between the natural and built environment, basing everything on the creative process of building new concepts and goals. “Space for Life” will show small-scale residential structures and combine them into more articulated structures in order to meet the needs of habitable of high-level.

The manufacturing technology of reference is that of wood, a renewable natural material, thinking also at the construction time of housing units, their cost of construction and management. The project involves the definition of modular elements. Each habitative module will be designed with residential energy performance of “Class A”, will use renewable energy and will be extremely antisimica and fire resistant.

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