Sofa Code

Code: CODE0251, Legless sofa
Legless sofae, with a large cushion that reaches the floor. The backrest and armrest structure is very large while the seat of the sofa is almost invisible. This contrast between a seat made of just a pillow, and the back of the sofa with lots of wood, is very balanced and creates an interesting and distinctive whole.


Sofa from Code collection, with Fine Sanded wood finishing
– Design by: Camilla Lapucci e Lapo Bianchi Luci
– Catalogues: Viaggio Tropicale
– Standard finishing: Fine Sanded wood finishing
– Custom-finishing available: YES
– Custom-size available: YES
– Fixed item
– No. of pcs in one package: 1

Material and finishing

Dimensions: Overall Width: 220 | Overall Depth: 75 | Seat Height: 7 | Arm Height: 55 | Overall Height: 65

Dimensions 221 × 76 × 55 cm