Salone del Mobile – Milan 2018

This year Il Giardino di Legno displays an outfitting that will let the visitors of the Salone be carried away towards exotic destinations and new horizons, in a “Tropical Journey”, just like the title of the new catalogue, presented on the occasion of the fair.

The outfitting, carried out by the Camila Lapucci and Lapo Bianchi Luci’s Florentine studio, features images of the wild and verdant nature of the Tropics: once in, you will feel like being immersed in a tropical garden: a basin full of water will give a Zen touch to the lounge of the Code collection. Besides you will admire the big marble table of the same collection, overlooked by an altar hanging light: a fairy-tale atmosphere will impress you for the elegance of the furniture, which blends with the simplicity of nature.

On the other side of the stand, you see many objects and furniture of the Remix collection: it is characterized by a “homogeneous heterogeneity”. Its stylistic feature is the mixture of various styles, as well as exotic wooden materials combined to ultramodern synthetic materials.

Garden living by Il Giardino di Legno

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3D Virtual Tour of Il Salone 2018

Collections presented at Milan Salone del Mobile 2018

Look at the collections presented at Milan Salone del Mobile 2018. Read more about the new outdoor furniture lines at the following links:

Remix Collection

Boxer Collection

Cinemà d'été Collection

Code Collection

For more info you can check out this link

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