Host Expo

Il Giardino di Legno was partner of the event D Place which was held in Milan Rho Pavillon 10 during the International Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry Host 2013.
A cooperation that shows a positive result already during Macef Expo in January, and that was renewed during Host Expo with a similar partnership that was capable of attract many visitors and catch the interest of all the public visiting the exhibition.

D Place at Host 2013


Two ideas and two different settings devoted to different aspects of hospitality. The Luxury Lounge and Design Floor concepts were drawn up by the VG Crea studio under the blanket concept of D Place, a highly up-to-date and innovative idea of hospitality that puts socialisation in company into a tasteful but also fun context, with the two approaches intertwining in a location that focuses on sophisticated refinement and comfort, and is based on the three Ds: design, drink, and dream.
The area, set up in Hall 10 during the days of Host, will provide a guide to the concept that underlies these new entertainment and hospitality solutions. A modular, all-round welcome that can be reproduced in any setting (bar, pub, club, resort, restaurant, hotel, urban roof or out-of-town structure).
Luxury Lounge is the concept area in which elegance and luxury come to the fore, in an In&Out environment dominated by the colours gold, brown, beige and black.
Design Floor, meanwhile, is a space designed for socialisation, dominated by shades of white and acid green, producing a highly original, sophisticated and visually striking space aimed at younger consumers.
With this initiative, Vg Crea (a cartel of high-profile firms) is offering an innovative vision that is charming and classy but also adds in a touch of originality, presenting a collection of furnishings, accessories, complements, structures and lighting of a very high level – and very big on performance.
D Place is also the reflection and projection of a concept of fluid living, a new lifestyle opportunity that rediscovers the values of open-air living, of versatility and crossovers between indoor and outdoor space, furnishings and complements, in an effort to achieve continuity, connectivity and interchangeability between interior and exterior, in accordance with the latest principles of inside-outside living, a way of living that goes beyond the four walls of the home and takes place across the seasons.

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