This line of accessories and complements by Il Giardino di Legno is very broad; it gives the opportunity to decorate the outdoor spaces with the utmost freedom of shapes and colors. Among the countless objects combining usefulness and design, the teak wood plant holders, plant pots, food trolleys, magazine racks for sofa, kennels and chests, and all the other accessories can complete your outdoors with style and elegance. When planning an outdoor area or orangerie, the complements and the accessories are really important to give the space a uniform design; the pieces of furniture from the “Accessories” collection will give you the opportunity to complete your space with homogeneous materials and colors for coherent and integrated solutions.
material and finishing
the teak wood items are presented in Fine Sanded finishing, but other finishings are available on request. The items in woven fiber are available in different colors on request; the finishing can be matched to the furniture or be different, according to the customer’s preferences.

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