Carefully designed accessories, refined finishes, bright colours and classic touches: this collection is all of the above and more, with its simple, yet graceful lines. These furniture items demonstrate how design and elegance can be perfectly combined with comfort and functionality. The chairs may have seats and backs in three different materials: teak, Batyline or synthetic rattan. Each has its qualities: the teak wood is warmer, while the rattan gives a more colourful and modern look. Tables can have a glass top.
material and finishing
Stainless steel, the structural and aesthetic hub of the Berbeda range, is a perfect material for garden furniture, thanks to its quality and resistance. The Giardino di Legno has softened its contours and increased comfort by teaming it with the finest, gently rounded Teak, with batyline, carefully woven and knitted PVC coated polyester wire and skilfully braided synthetic fibres. Only the best quality materials are used.

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