A collection of wooden furniture with a traditional design, both for the classic aesthetic form and for its wooden connotation. The wooden benches of Classica collection offer different sizes: the two-seat benches are most suitable for private use, while the benches with 3/4 places are often used to decorate public spaces, pedestrian areas, tree-lined streets or parking areas of malls and outlets . The unique tree benches have an octagonal shape: they can be positioned around the trunk of the trees! These benches are valuable and almost necessary for parks and green areas. Moreover, parts of the Classic collection are the backless benches, very suitable for staging points in sports centers, tennis courts and golf courses. The classic benches with armrests and backrest are also widely used as street furniture. They can even serve well in historical avenues and main city axes. And also different extendible tables, available in different shapes and measures, perfect to welcome guests in your outdoor spaces.
material and finishing
Made of solid teak with fine sanding finish without any chemical treatment or stain, totally natural in full compliance not only with the environment but also with the natural beauty of this precious wood.

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