Tiles is a collection of tiles of different sizes, useful to create teak wood floors. Outdoor wood flooring, with this type of tiles, is easy to put on and requires little time. The square tiles of this collection can be placed directly on the existing floor if you want to renew it, or they can be placed on concrete. These floors can even be laid directly on an earth ground, using a layer of non-woven fabric between the ground and the floor in order to reduce the growth of weeds. Some of the wooden tiles proposed here have, in the lower part, a PVC base with a "tongue and groove" joint, which allows the tiles to be attached in a way that they stay integral with each other. Another type is instead entirely made of teak wood, and the tiles are simply close to each other. There's yet another very peculiar use for these tiles: a coating for vertical walls! You can create a lot of different designs and combinations to enhance a wall, by covering it with warm wood tiles.
material and finishing
Outdoor Tiles made in Teak wood slat supported from a PVC backing in 30x30cm version.

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